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Friday, May 29, 2015

May these last days have been jacked up!

Right now our internet is being funky... and i can't make the fancy photo collage things for the post. And i started working so i didn't get to posting yesterday or earlier today!!

SO Day 25 - 7ea 5 times
Narrow Squats, Narrow Squats w/ kick back, Squat, Squat w/ side leg lift. Sumo Squat, Pointed Butt Lift, Fire Hydrant, Heel Kicks, Bridges, Side leg lift, Inner thigh pulses, Side lunge, Leg swings, 50 leg lifts, Plank arm workout, and Day 25 of 30 day yoga challenge. Also a hike at Spruce Mt. Open Space

Day 26 - Also known as the MOST jacked up DAY EVER!!  So Day 26 was the only day so far that things didn't happen the way they were supposed to!  Instead of doing my challenge things i spent hours and hours moving my stuff. Our stuff arrived from PA which meant we had to move it out of the pods into a uhaul truck, transport it to our storage unit and move it into the storage unit. In theory this sounds not to bad. Except when you start to late in the day and by the time you get to your too small sotrage unit it's too late to do anything about it so you spend at least an extra hour if not 2 trying to figure out how to fit things in and what things you can't fit in and moving and removing things and dying inside every passing moment. Then you have to take some things back to where your staying and then drive back to the uhaul place to return the truck and before you know it it's midnight and the last time you ate was 10am! and all those "open late night" places are a LIE!  So you eat a frozen meal. Does moving everything 300 times count as doing squats and arm workouts?

Day 27 / Day 26 (i did both days workouts in one day to make up for the day before)
9ea 4 times / 6ea 3 times
Narrow Squats, Narrow Squats w/ kick back, Squat, Squat w/ side leg lift. Sumo Squat, Pointed Butt Lift, Fire Hydrant, Heel Kicks, Bridges, Side leg lift, Inner thigh pulses, Side lunge, Leg swings, 50 leg lifts, Free weight arm workout,10 min abs and Day 27 & 26 of 30 day yoga challenge. 

Day 28 - Rest day - And i rested ... i slacked and didn't hike or walk i was BEAT. BUT i did 55 leg lifts and day 28 of the 30 day yoga challenge!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May we find an apt! or keep this challenge going!!

So Day 24 ended and i thought the most hiking or walking i was going to do was just through apartments / shared living spaces (don't ask). BUT then we walked around a small town called Morrison and we hiked a little at Green Mt. Park (so pretty). This state is filled with so many parks and walking trails and beauty! Also note the sweet headstand i managed to do! & Day 24 photo credit goes to the honey head!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May there only be 10 more days!

Here are days 17 (but 16) thru 20!  17 & 18 I hiked.  day 18 we hiked the red rocks and then climbed the terrible stairs of the amphitheater! Day 19 i slacked on arms and abs so day 20 (today) i did a Jillian workout... she makes you feel so weak and feeble.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May the half way point be upon us

So I have switched days 16 and 17 because my honey face's friend is going to be around for the next 2 days and I would like to only have to do this with him around 1 day instead of 2... the place I am staying is roomy but it's very open so everyone can see all your business.  While I share one photo with you lovely readers... trust me you don't want to see the whole process happening... scary!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May the challenge keep on keeping

Here are the last four days... I walked around my borrowed neighborhood today since it's so pretty and freaking hilly.  Photos don't do justice to the endless mountains you can see just from walking around my borrowed neighborhood.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Brief but IMPORTANT interruption

This post is to wish a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY & NURSE WEEK to the most amazing mother and nurse i know... My mom.

For in this life there are certainly many things my mom is phenomenal at (countless things) but certainly she was made to be a mother and to be a nurse.  She does both so wonderfully. She is such a caring person which shines through in her nursing and her mothering.

See how adorable she is as a nurse?

And see my sis wanting to be like her mama? (ha mini sis and I)

(the middle photos are my sis)
So to all you moms out there (single, joined, step, fathers being mothers...) Happy Mothers day!  Thanks for putting up with terrible children (i was one of them).


To all you Nurses thank you for putting up with grumpy, sick, gross people! You do work i never would want to!

Friday, May 8, 2015

May the Challenge continue!

So here is days 5-8... Today day 8 it was pouring rain. But i went for a hike with an umbrella, until it started thundering and lighting... at which point i RAN back to the car.... enjoy my lovely photos.